Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thinking of joining the Lincoln water polo team?

What IS water polo? 
Water polo is a fast-paced game not unlike soccer or basketball, with two opposing teams trying to put the ball in the opponent’s net.  There are six field players and one goalie on each team.  Ideally games are played in a deep pool; if the pool is shallow, players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool.  Games have four quarters, and usually take 45 minutes to an hour. 
Is water polo an official Lincoln sport?
Water polo is a Lincoln club sport that awards varsity letters.  It is a no cut sport, and Lincoln fields JV and Varsity teams for both boys and girls.
When is the high school water polo season? 
Water polo is a fall sport.  Pre-season practice begins in August two weeks before school starts.  Oregon high school championships are in early November. 
Who does Lincoln play?
Lincoln plays in the West Metro League: Aloha, Beaverton, Southridge, Sunset, and Westview.  Last year, Lincoln Girls placed first in the league!  We will also schedule early season games with teams in other leagues for practice games.  Our teams will also attend one or two tournaments each year, and have consistently qualified for post-season playoffs.
 What if I’ve never played before?
You are in good company.   Water polo is a growing sport in Oregon, but most of our athletes had never played before their first practice, or never watched a full water polo game before playing in one.
 What skills do I need to have?
The most important things are to be comfortable in the water, willing to train hard, and eager to learn.  This is one of the few high school sports where you don’t have to have years of experience to play and thrive.  A background in swimming is great, but we’ve also had athletes who have never spent time in a pool join and find they love the game.   Athletes who have played other competitive sports such as basketball, soccer, or baseball find that a lot of those skills translate to water polo as well.  In fact, water polo is a great way to cross train and stay in shape for winter or spring sports.
 I’ve heard water polo is really rough.
Water polo can be very physical, as players jockey for possession of the ball.  But water slows down the speed of contact, and injuries are not common. Parents may notice a significant change in fitness and endurance capabilities as a result of the work outs.
It sounds like a big time commitment…
It is.  During the pre-season starting in mid-August there will be ‘daily double’ practices as the coaches teach water polo skills and work on conditioning.  Practices will continue into the season, with some morning practices before school as well as evening practices.  Once league play starts, there will be two games a week.  It is a big commitment, and it is worth it!  Our athletes have gone on to play water polo in college, including Division I and III and club teams. 
I’m just a freshman, so maybe I’ll wait and start next year. 
Start now!  We have athletes join freshman, sophomore, junior, and even senior years.  We welcome athletes at any year, but the juniors and seniors consistently tell us they wish they started sooner.  Playing water polo is a blast, and a great way to get involved at Lincoln.
Who manages the team?
Water polo is a club sport at Lincoln, managed by a group of parent volunteers.  Parents can help out in many ways during the season, from running the shot clock during games (best seat in the house!) to helping with fundraising or planning the team banquet.
I’m in - How do I sign up?!
Registration begins in the spring.  Email us now at lhswaterpolo@gmail.com and we will make sure you are on the email list.
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